October 26, 2011
by Elizabeth

The Leadership Gamechanger

Are you feeling calm, energised and insightful? If not, do you want to be? Elizabeth Lovius works with leaders and leadership teams to help you be more human, true to who you are and at home in yourself. To be real and have real insight – all of which leads to real results.

The breakthrough and proven gamechanger for business leaders – that most don’t yet realise – is being able to operate from an insightful state of mind where clarity, common sense and wisdom flows (and being more ok on the cloudy days too). Imagine you could show up like that more often and make space for other people around you to show up like that too. To be real and have real relationships of trust.

That’s what’s really good for business:

– it makes people trust things,

– it makes people follow things,

– it makes people buy things.

It also saves a lot of time and energy that gets wasted on trying to:

– cover things up,

– present a nice image,

– solve imaginary problems (that seem real).

Given the pressures you face – real insight can seem hard to achieve. But it’s critical. Elizabeth has seen first hand that when leaders have an insightful state of mind they rock and can create organisations  where people love the business they work for, love working together and love the work they do. Creating organisations that their customers love. And all of that leads to real business results.

Elizabeth Lovius has over 20 years experience as an Executive Coach and Agent of Change helping leaders lead culture in a variety of sectors, including: Retail, IT, Banking, Government, Creative Media and Sports. Clients include: Harrods, Hewlett Packard, IBM, ITV, Ogilvy & Mather, Pret a Manger and the English Rugby Football Union. See Elizabeth’s Client list.

With a background in organisational change, Elizabeth was trained in transformational and performance psychology and as an executive coach. Accredited in psychometrics and NLP, she is now a practitioner of the pioneering work of Sydney Banks on human potential: 3 Principles of human experience.

We know that when brands come from a place of authenticity they succeed: why would it be any different for leaders? Business cultures model their leaders. They don’t do what you say, they do what you do. So be true to who you are – as an organisation, as a team, as a leader.

Elizabeth delivers a suite of products and services that will enable you to:

Elizabeth Lovius currently has a few spaces left for Leader Wisdom one-to-one coaching: transformative individual executive coaching that liberate leaders to be true to who they are. Available as either intensives or programmes – in person or virtual.

She also offers Leader Wisdom Workshops: unique, unifying and transformative experiential events for leaders that help build real relationships of trust, review where you are now and align on where you want to be.

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