October 26, 2011
by Elizabeth

How to lead real change

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In times of change, when a lot seems out of our con­trol, life can throw all sorts of unex­pec­ted things at us. And when it does in a busi­ness —  are the people calm, ener­gised and insight­ful?

Elizabeth Lovius works with lead­ers and lead­er­ship teams to under­stand the human factor and access their wis­dom and well­being. Leaders impact cul­ture — and cul­ture impacts per­form­ance. Elizabeth helps lead­ers access fresh insight, have big rela­tion­ships and lead real change for good.

Because when lead­ers think and feel bet­ter, they do bet­ter. And lead bet­ter. And lead­ers lead organ­isa­tions. And organ­isa­tions for good can change the world.

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Elizabeth Lovius has over 20 years exper­i­ence facil­it­at­ing exec­ut­ive lead­er­ship in a vari­ety of sec­tors, includ­ing: Retail, IT, Banking, Government, Creative Media, Start-up and Sports. Clients include: CookFood, Harrods, Hewlett Packard, IBM, ITV, Ogilvy & Mather, Pret a Manger and the English Rugby Football Union. See Elizabeth’s Client list.

The break­through and proven gamechanger for busi­ness lead­ers (that most don’t yet real­ise they already have) is how to oper­ate from a present and insight­ful state of mind where clar­ity, com­mon sense and wis­dom nat­ur­ally flows (and being more ok on the cloudy days too). Imagine lead­ers show­ing up like that more often and mak­ing space for oth­er people around them to show up like that too.

Leaders that oper­ate from wis­dom and well­being works for your busi­ness. 

- they are adapt­able, resi­li­ent and open to change,

- they spot oppor­tun­it­ies right here, right now,

- they have great rela­tion­ships and do more great work.

Unlike when they oper­ate from a rigid — fear based mind­set, where they can waste a lot of time and energy on try­ing to:

- cov­er things up and present a nice image,

- worry about con­trolling the past or the future,

- solve ima­gin­ary prob­lems (that seem very real when you are feel­ing stressed).

Download the Real Change Manifesto — the human factor

Elizabeth helps lead­ers dis­cov­er the source of their capa­city to lead real change and have Big Relationships of:

Wisdom (the source ele­ment): that allows people to access innate well-being, insight and resi­li­ence.

Unity (the focus ele­ment): have people con­nec­ted by a com­mon pur­pose — espe­cially when it’s a force for good

Appreciation (the feel-good ele­ment): foster a cul­ture of pos­it­ive people — espe­cially help­ful for get­ting things done

Accountability (the per­form­ance ele­ment):  estab­lish struc­tures that empower people’s cre­at­ive poten­tial — espe­cially use­ful for stay­ing ahead of the game

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As Founder of Kindred Spirit Consultancy, Elizabeth is proud to be one of the first 100 Bcorp’s in the UK who believe in the triple bot­tom line of people, plan­et and profit and who are pas­sion­ate about hav­ing busi­ness be a force for good in the world.

With a back­ground in organ­isa­tion­al change, Elizabeth was trained in trans­form­a­tion­al and per­form­ance psy­cho­logy and as an exec­ut­ive coach. Accredited in psy­cho­met­rics and NLP, she is a prac­ti­tion­er of the paradigm shift­ing work of Sydney Banks on human poten­tial: 3 Principles of human exper­i­ence. She also works with Peter Koenig’s cut­ting edge organ­isa­tion­al design concept Source Principles and Charles Davies’ Fundamentals of Creative Work.

Elizabeth offers a suite of products and ser­vices that will enable a cul­ture of lead­ers who:

Elizabeth Lovius cur­rently has a few spaces left for Leadership Wisdom one-to-one coach­ing: trans­form­at­ive indi­vidu­al exec­ut­ive coach­ing. Available as either intens­ives or pro­grammes – in per­son or vir­tu­al.

Her next Open Leadership Workshop is November 13 & 14th Central London

Elizabeth also offers bespoke Collaborative Leadership Team Workshops: unique, uni­fy­ing and trans­form­at­ive exper­i­en­tial events for lead­er­ship teams that help build big rela­tion­ships of trust, review where you are now and align on where you want to be.

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