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Last week I was at a con­fer­ence about the 3 Principles of human exper­i­ence. It was well atten­ded by fel­low coaches, psy­cho­lo­gists, reli­gious lead­ers, aca­dem­ics and people who are inter­ested in gen­er­al about the evol­u­tion of human con­scious­ness. It was a won­der­ful 3 days — enlight­en­ing, re-assur­ing still-ing, and inspir­ing. Profound.

At such events I am focused and aim to get as much juice as pos­sible from the exper­i­ence, tar­get­ing the experts in the breaks to get my spe­cif­ic ques­tions answered, mak­ing con­nec­tions that might fur­ther my aims and mak­ing sure I get my learn­ing agenda and object­ives met (whatever they might be).

Day 1 & 2 of this con­fer­ence were no dif­fer­ent, I was hav­ing a great time and was happy that against my ima­gin­ary check­list, I was doing well. On day 3, I had decided it would be a good idea to arrange to meet with a speak­er there — Janet who had talked about her work in pris­ons. She had told an inspir­ing story about a woman called Rebecca who in one of her pris­on group ses­sions had ini­tially been extremely res­ist­ant and angry and had expressed her frus­tra­tion aggress­ively to Janet and that ‘these ideas might work for some people but she couldn’t pos­sibly know about her or her past’. Janet had found a power­ful way to con­nect with Rebecca and I was keen to learn more about it.

So I found Janet in a break and as we were chat­ting, one of Janet’s col­leagues also joined in – she was round, extro­vert and chatty, gold chains and tatts, brummy accen­ted and gram­mat­ic­ally flex­ible. Direct, human, funny and real, she told about how lib­er­ated she feels now and what a dif­fer­ence hav­ing these con­cepts have made to how she now lives her life.

I’ll be hon­est, I was won­der­ing for a moment if there was an ‘expert’ I might still need to see and should I cut this short, and then some­thing com­pelled me to stay. It might have been the light in her eyes, her intent-ness to con­nect with me or my desire to hang around to check in fur­ther with Janet, but then she star­ted shar­ing about her life. Abducted and abused as a child, sent to board­ing school, expelled from school, crim­in­al record, fath­er dying in pris­on, this was Rebecca.

She glowed with spir­it, life and love and a kind of vibrant peace. Rebecca and my paths crossed a few times through­out the day – some­thing pro­pelling us togeth­er. She came up to me to see if I was ok when I was on my own at lunch (I was, although I was kind of wait­ing for some­thing to hap­pen) and then at the end of the con­fer­ence insisted on mak­ing sure I found someone to share a taxi say­ing ‘it was silly for me to go on my own with so many people around, someone must be going my way’. (I felt a bit embar­rassed to ask people myself — so she did it for me although we had no luck).

Affected by her influ­ence I decided to ask the first per­son out­side the con­fer­ence centre if they were going my way. As serendip­ity would have it, an intense, con­tained, well muscled, tough-look­ing guy said yes he could be and actu­ally changed his des­tin­a­tion to suit mine. This turned out to be Dave the secur­ity guard who worked in the halls of Westminster. Dave who in his quiet time (appar­ently there’s quite a bit of that in secur­ity) stud­ies philo­sophy, quantum phys­ics and Ken Wilbur. Dave who I had to work hard to keep up with intel­lec­tu­ally when he star­ted to talk about the evol­u­tion of human con­scious­ness.

I was humbled by how truly amaz­ing and extra-ordin­ary people are when I both­er to set aside assump­tions, con­nect and listen. I was also struck by how the intel­li­gence behind the flow of life always takes you just where you need to go when you can listen to the soft whis­per of that wis­dom. Also, how at times my single-minded focus sounds so loud in my head I don’t really hear any­thing else — it’s a famil­i­ar path and per­fectly ok too, although I won­der what could it be like to pay more atten­tion to the whis­pers and less to the loud beat of my driv­en drum. What dis­cov­er­ies I might make, what love might I find? IMG_0547

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