How can coaching conversations enable insights and real change in business?


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Ian Watson and Elizabeth Lovius riffing on life as a leader


– What do you make of the fact that he was in a coaching conversation that that person saw that for himself. What do you make of that?

– I think when we try too hard to understand something we can miss it, but when we’re sort of settled in ourselves and we just have a person’s full presence and listening with us, just curious, and asking questions, I think that something can emerge in that kind of a space that is different than when you’re trying very hard to learn something new. And I think that the coaching conversation environment can just, it’s there’s space to breathe in it. There’s a room for it to flow wherever it flows. And I think that kind of pace and that kind of space is what makes insight more likely. Let’s say it’s more likely conditions for it.

– Which bring the odds of it favourably.

– Swing in the odds favour.

– I see the same in a group setting, also.

– Oh yeah.

– It’s almost like the same thing, but amplified.

– So if you get a group together in one space and they have that willingness to be open and willingness to sit in the unknown really, more comfortably, so they get comfortable with not knowing and have their everyday thinking just settle down enough that, what I find helpful about groups is that people start to get inspired by each other and it’s amazing to see how people suddenly realise that anyone can be a helpful resource to help them. It doesn’t have to be a special person like you or me. You know, people often find that they’ve got people in their workplace and people start to see that what we call insight, or that inner wisdom, it doesn’t just belong to a select few people, that’s the point I’m making is that actually anybody at any kind of level of an organisation has insight, has the capacity for insight and they can bring huge value to any sized organisation once that’s recognised. Rather than having it be just one or two people who feel like they have to decide on everybody else’s behalf so I think one of the positive side-effects that I’ve seen of this work is that people start to feel more empowered. And for example, in a business environment, it becomes realised that there is a lot of untapped potential there. You must see something similar.

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