Part 2 What makes us all tick — the big insight


So hav­ing spent quite a long time (circa 25 years) and becom­ing a bit demor­al­ised by rest­lessly search­ing for answers for how to help (me and oth­ers) be more per­fect and nev­er quite nail­ing it… (see Part 1 What makes us all tick — The search)

I came across this life-chan­ging under­stand­ing that made so much sense and it truly felt like com­ing home.

The insight:

Our exper­i­ence of life is cre­ated 100% from the inside-out.

And that we are using (and are used by) the fol­low­ing core prin­ciples (or truths):

We have thoughts  — we are think­ing beings, and all of our exper­i­ence of life is cre­ated by our own per­son­al thoughts in our own heads. We make it all up — we live in a vir­tu­al real­ity of our own mak­ing. And a new exper­i­ence of life/reality is only ever one thought away. The prin­ciple of Thought means:

  • All of our exper­i­ences both good and bad are 100% cre­ated from inside of us, in fact our mind can only work one way — it pro­jects real­ity rather than records it.

We are alive — there is an anim­at­ing energy — a life force present in all things  includ­ing us. Quantum sci­ent­ists call this energy the Unified field. It has some kind of intrins­ic intel­li­gence guid­ing it. This Universal Mind is a form­less spir­itu­al energy — the imper­son­al nature of life, the one­ness of life — and we are all a part of it. When we acknow­ledge this truth — we open up to hav­ing a sense of some­thing great­er than ourselves (think stars in the sky). And when we do, our per­son­al think­ing quiets down and we res­on­ate with and are eas­ily and truly guided by a calmer, clear­er sense of know­ing. The prin­ciple of Universal Mind means:

  • There is a built-in design for suc­cess our minds can trust in and nat­ur­ally tap into

We are aware  — we have the capa­city to be aware of and exper­i­ence our thoughts and make them real through our senses and our level of aware­ness. And depend­ing on our level of con­scious­ness — that will totally determ­ine our level of exper­i­ence. The prin­ciple of Consciousness means

  • The more we are aware of and real­ise and under­stand for ourselves how our exper­i­ence hap­pens, the more we will thrive per­son­ally and pro­fes­sion­ally.

And this paradigm shift in under­stand­ing expressed by the above prin­ciples is true for us all — it’s what makes us all tick.

Discovering this and more import­antly see­ing it for myself had two impacts on me:

One was the imme­di­ate feel­ing of – ‘ah, relief — I knew this all along, It’s what I’ve always known some­how, some­where – it’s pretty much con­sist­ent with most of what my best teach­ers and the sages of the ages and have taught – but most of all — it feels true and res­on­ates with my exper­i­ence.’

The oth­er ‘Oh, this is an abso­lute game/life/world changer, I want to learn as much as I pos­sibly can about this, there is so much pres­ence, peace and poten­tial that gets lost, due to an endem­ic mis­un­der­stand­ing of how we as humans actu­ally work. This is the dir­ec­tion I want to go in for myself and this is what I want to teach and point oth­ers to.’

If you’re intrigued to know more (like I was), check out some more on the Three Principles of Human Experience).

The implic­a­tions

 So, as a res­ult of real­ising what is really mak­ing us all tick, I star­ted to (and con­tin­ue to) have an end­less stream of life chan­ging insights and implic­a­tions — without doing very much at all to have them:

Here are just a few:

We all have good and bad days.’ — so don’t worry, this too will pass

Our thoughts are what are cre­at­ing our feel­ings – in fact we are liv­ing the feel­ing of our think­ing.’ — I don’t have to take my feel­ings so ser­i­ously and don’t worry, this too will pass

I don’t have to take oth­er people’s feel­ing on board and to try to fix or change them because 100% of their exper­i­ence is com­ing from them.’ — so that saves a hell of a lot of time react­ing, second guess­ing, manip­u­lat­ing, influ­en­cing, mind-read­ing, fix­ing, man­aging, pleas­ing, effort­ing, con­trolling. (well pretty much most activ­it­ies involving oth­er people)

We all get lost in thought/feelings some­time and that can seem really, really real.’ — because we are human, and being human is ok, in fact we can’t not be human. And the only thing we need to know is that it is ok to be what we are. And this gives me more com­pas­sion for myself and my fel­low man. We are all human in form, spir­it in nature.

I don’t have to do much– oth­er than be present, as the (human oper­at­ing) sys­tem of me and of oth­ers will return itself to centre as it’s designed that way and for suc­cess’. – Yay! Well that takes a whole lot of oth­er items off the to-do list – espe­cially any­thing to do with opining/meddling.

I can chill the f**k out and light­en up.’ – it’s the fast­est route to peace, joy and cre­at­ive per­form­ance. But really I can and I can be guilt-free about it. (But really – in fact it’s my num­ber one job)

Even when in the trough – this too will pass and a part of me is always ok – no mat­ter what’s hap­pen­ing in the trough.’ – this means I can have a deep sense of faith in the flow of life – which in return seems to be reflec­ted back to me in the real­it­ies of life as some­thing you can have faith in.

Everything is, was and is going to be ok.’ – because there’s a place called home that is INSIDE me and noth­ing out­side of me can take that away – even death. (I know that’s a big-ish, bold-ish thing to say – but that is hon­estly how it now seems to me.

Seeing these implic­a­tions have had a big impact and led me to a new qual­ity of exper­i­ence (although many of my cir­cum­stances have remain unchanged or even ‘worsened’). Down to this under­stand­ing – work and life is easi­er; more peace­ful, more enjoy­able and more present – all of which means a more ful­filling exper­i­ence of life (strik­ing gold) and bet­ter res­ults in some cases too (a nice perk).

For more on the spe­cif­ic impacts I’ve exper­i­enced – check out:

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