What is THE key to releasing potential in a business?


What is THE key to releas­ing poten­tial in a busi­ness?

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Ian Watson and Elizabeth Lovius riff­ing on life as a lead­er


- If you look at what’s tak­ing up the time, which is a lot of people with a lot on their minds.

- Yeah.

- And, when we have a lot on our mind, it tends to reduce our cre­ativ­ity and that we tend to have the same thoughts over and over again. And, when we’ve got a lot on our mind, we tend to have a lower mood and not always, but often, and that that mood then dic­tates how we act and how we behave, but more than that, it actu­ally, it impacts what we actu­ally see.

- Yeah.

- So, if you then take all of that and you mul­tiply that by the num­bers of heads that are in an organ­isa­tion, you’ve got a lot of energy going in a dir­ec­tion that isn’t neces­sar­ily focused on per­form­ance and poten­tial. Now, if you think of the oppos­ite, which is when people start to settle down, they’re in a calmer state of mind. They’re more avail­able for new think­ing, fresh think­ing. They’re more con­nec­ted. They’re more open to each oth­er. Think about what’s pos­sible in that envir­on­ment. Now, ima­gine if you have that across your organ­isa­tion. Imagine if your lead­ers are lead­ing from that place. That, that’s a game changer.

- Yeah.

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