Often it takes a team of spe­cial­ist input to ignite change. Over 20 years, Elizabeth has col­lec­ted a set of jew­els as asso­ci­ates, all offer­ing expert­ise in their fields.

  • Creative Ideas & Brand Sparkle

  • Deep Diving

    • Tamsin Barks
      Deeper issues, intransigent patterns & counselling
  • Engagement & Communications

    • Martin Thomas
      Copywriter, journalist and internal communications whizz.
    • Sarah Waterman
      Copywriter, award-winning case study writer, mistress of the written word.
  • Great Coaching

    • Alan Fine
      A founding father of performance coaching and renown speaker / author (USA).
    • James Mallinson
      Business acumen meets mindset transformation.
    • Martin Palethorpe
      Bold, experienced, intuitive, empathic and pragmatic board level coach.
    • Sarah Smith
      Supportive, down-to-earth, skilful coach especially on career matters
  • People Matters

    • Paula Grant
      From strategic advice to hands-on implementation everything to do with HR.
  • Practical Matters

  • Training That Makes an Impact

    • Ali Stewart
      Leading and developing a high performing team & Insights Discovery guru
    • Milly Ellis
      Gifted presentation, style and voice coach from the world of the stage.