UNITE – A disparate senior management team unites, creates a vision and achieves success


The senior management team of an international distribution company had been without a leader for a year. As a result it lacked a sense of purpose, unity and focus. Business performance was average but uncoordinated. There were overlaps and inefficiencies in the organisation.

Working closely with the HR director who restructured the organisation, Elizabeth helped improve communications and management processes. She conducted detailed 360 reports on each person, identified individual performance goals and provided one-to-one executive coaching. Using psychometric testing she identified each individual’s strengths and contribution to the team. She then brought the team together to begin working in a unified way. This created the firm foundations for the appointment of a new CEO, who could share his vision and begin working effectively with the united team. With the new CEO, facilitated by Elizabeth, they agreed effective working practices, key priorities and a strategy for achieving the vision.

As a result of the clearly defined vision, supported by an aligned and efficient team, they were able to reach their potential. The company increased its market share and revenue that year in a challenging market.

“I am a huge fan [of Elizabeth] and I think she’s got a real gift. She draws out the best in people with her charisma, energy and personality. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Finance Director, international distribution company

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