SHINE — Senior executive facing burn-out gets promotion and improves work-life balance


The essen­tial chal­lenge

An over-stretched seni­or exec­ut­ive work­ing in a high-pres­sured, fast-paced, cre­at­ive envir­on­ment found her­self reg­u­larly work­ing over 60 hours a week, los­ing con­tact with fam­ily and friends, and feel­ing like she was always run­ning to catch up. Her work-life bal­ance was out of kil­ter, and this was impact­ing her cre­ativ­ity. Recognising this, her man­ager asked Elizabeth to provide one-to-one coach­ing.

The approach

Elizabeth helped the exec­ut­ive to carry out an in-depth ana­lys­is of where she was and where she wanted to be, both at work and in her per­son­al rela­tion­ships. Using a series of trans­form­a­tion­al pro­cesses, she could identi­fy exactly what was stop­ping her and imple­ment new prac­tic­al changes to trans­form her life. These included imple­ment­ing a new pri­or­it­isa­tion sys­tem and avoid­ing unhelp­ful habits that were cre­at­ing stress. She was able to real­ise and pri­or­it­ise what was most import­ant and focus on that. This gave her a source of nour­ish­ment and enabled her to be more pro­duct­ive and ful­filled both at work and at home.

The out­come

As a res­ult, the exec­ut­ive has been pro­moted twice and says that she can also take time off and enjoy it. In essence, she’s suc­ceed­ing at home and at work.

Elizabeth gave me amaz­ing food for thought and the belief that things could change. She helped me cla­ri­fy the deep­er issues that were impact­ing my work-life bal­ance and the res­ults have all las­ted. The coach­ing couldn’t have been more dif­fer­ent, more pen­et­rat­ing. She is inspir­ing.”
Senior exec­ut­ive, lead­ing cre­at­ive organ­isa­tion

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