SHINE – Senior executive facing burn-out gets promotion and improves work-life balance


The essential challenge

An over-stretched senior executive working in a high-pressured, fast-paced, creative environment found herself regularly working over 60 hours a week, losing contact with family and friends, and feeling like she was always running to catch up. Her work-life balance was out of kilter, and this was impacting her creativity. Recognising this, her manager asked Elizabeth to provide one-to-one coaching.

The approach

Elizabeth helped the executive to carry out an in-depth analysis of where she was and where she wanted to be, both at work and in her personal relationships. Using a series of transformational processes, she could identify exactly what was stopping her and implement new practical changes to transform her life. These included implementing a new prioritisation system and avoiding unhelpful habits that were creating stress. She was able to realise and prioritise what was most important and focus on that. This gave her a source of nourishment and enabled her to be more productive and fulfilled both at work and at home.

The outcome

As a result, the executive has been promoted twice and says that she can also take time off and enjoy it. In essence, she’s succeeding at home and at work.

“Elizabeth gave me amazing food for thought and the belief that things could change. She helped me clarify the deeper issues that were impacting my work-life balance and the results have all lasted. The coaching couldn’t have been more different, more penetrating. She is inspiring.”
Senior executive, leading creative organisation

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