TRANSFORM — Small seeds inspired, unified and nurtured create a Top 10 PR agency


The essen­tial chal­lenge

A start-up PR agency was form­ing and com­mis­sioned Elizabeth to sup­port a peri­od of accel­er­ated busi­ness devel­op­ment and growth. Young, new and with big ambi­tions, they needed to trans­form to become strong, united and empowered.

The approach

Elizabeth helped the seni­or man­age­ment team to cla­ri­fy the company’s ambi­tion, its vis­ion, val­ues and pri­or­it­ies. She helped each lead­er to shine by remov­ing their per­son­al lim­it­a­tions to lead­er­ship and devel­op their lead­er­ship skills. When busi­ness or organ­isa­tion­al chal­lenges emerged, Elizabeth facil­it­ated break­through prob­lem-solv­ing work­shops. She helped align the rest of the organ­isa­tion behind the company’s vis­ion and val­ues. She helped the com­pany to cel­eb­rate suc­cesses and to cre­ate loy­alty, pas­sion and com­mit­ment to the busi­ness. She also helped identi­fy and devel­op high-fly­ers in line with its vis­ion and val­ues. Following an intense peri­od of rap­id growth, Elizabeth now con­ducts annu­al reviews with the com­pany aligned with its vis­ion.

The res­ult

As a res­ult of this for­ward-think­ing invest­ment in people by the CEO, the com­pany is now posi­tioned as a UK Top 10 PR agency, and has increased its turnover ten­fold.

We con­tin­ue to use Elizabeth each year because our busi­ness is con­stantly evolving. She helps us achieve our busi­ness object­ives and keeps us con­stantly on our toes. She’s inspir­ing.”
Joint MD, UK Top 10 PR agency

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