TRANSFORM – Small seeds inspired, unified and nurtured create a Top 10 PR agency


The essential challenge

A start-up PR agency was forming and commissioned Elizabeth to support a period of accelerated business development and growth. Young, new and with big ambitions, they needed to transform to become strong, united and empowered.

The approach

Elizabeth helped the senior management team to clarify the company’s ambition, its vision, values and priorities. She helped each leader to shine by removing their personal limitations to leadership and develop their leadership skills. When business or organisational challenges emerged, Elizabeth facilitated breakthrough problem-solving workshops. She helped align the rest of the organisation behind the company’s vision and values. She helped the company to celebrate successes and to create loyalty, passion and commitment to the business. She also helped identify and develop high-flyers in line with its vision and values. Following an intense period of rapid growth, Elizabeth now conducts annual reviews with the company aligned with its vision.

The result

As a result of this forward-thinking investment in people by the CEO, the company is now positioned as a UK Top 10 PR agency, and has increased its turnover tenfold.

“We continue to use Elizabeth each year because our business is constantly evolving. She helps us achieve our business objectives and keeps us constantly on our toes. She’s inspiring.”
Joint MD, UK Top 10 PR agency

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