October 26, 2011
by Elizabeth


To build Big Relationships in your business, you will need to:

Develop Resilient Leaders

Have leaders that can navigate and lead change and access the optimum state of mind to lead no matter what the weather.

Do the Ground Work to Build Big Relationships  

Evaluate your environment and make sure that your top leader and top team is ready to lead the way. Consider what support they need to Unite, Lead and individually Shine.

Create Unity and clarity

Is there a shared vision, values and a purpose? Is everyone aligned? If not, that’s your top priority – first ensure your top team is united. Then to transform your business you will need to engage every part of the business to create organisational unity and clarity.

Establish a ‘We’ Culture of Appreciation

Explore what it means to create a culture of ‘We’ versus ‘Me’. Develop the core skills that help people have empathy, feel good about each other and work well together. Enable your whole business by ensuring you have the optimum people systems and processes that will practically work in an appreciative culture to address any challenges as well as reward, recognise and develop people.

Ensure Accountability and give creative freedom

‘People support what they create’. So Develop every individual in your business to have the frame of mind that ensures they are ready, willing and able to claim ownership and take accountability. Build on that mindset and give them the tools and structures that will support them to innovate and create.

Establish Big Relationship Facilitators

Transform your business by establishing internal Big Relationships facilitators who can deliver team workshops, train people in core concepts and facilitate all the little (and big) things that will make your relationships garden grow.

Elizabeth and her team offer the following bespoke products and services that enable you to achieve all of this. They are insight­ful, prac­tical and rooted in real life, deliv­er­ing tan­gible results, helping indi­vidu­als, teams and organisations build Resilience and have Big Relationships where you can:

UniteLeadCreateTransform & Shine