October 26, 2011
by Elizabeth


To build Big Relationships in your busi­ness, you will need to:

Develop Resilient Leaders

Have lead­ers that can nav­ig­ate and lead change and access the optim­um state of mind to lead no mat­ter what the weath­er.

Do the Ground Work to Build Big Relationships  

Evaluate your envir­on­ment and make sure that your top lead­er and top team is ready to lead the way. Consider what sup­port they need to Unite, Lead and indi­vidu­ally Shine.

Create Unity and clar­ity

Is there a shared vis­ion, val­ues and a pur­pose? Is every­one aligned? If not, that’s your top pri­or­ity – first ensure your top team is united. Then to trans­form your busi­ness you will need to engage every part of the busi­ness to cre­ate organ­isa­tion­al unity and clar­ity.

Establish a ‘We’ Culture of Appreciation

Explore what it means to cre­ate a cul­ture of ‘We’ versus ‘Me’. Develop the core skills that help people have empathy, feel good about each oth­er and work well togeth­er. Enable your whole busi­ness by ensur­ing you have the optim­um people sys­tems and pro­cesses that will prac­tic­ally work in an appre­ci­at­ive cul­ture to address any chal­lenges as well as reward, recog­nise and devel­op people.

Ensure Accountability and give cre­at­ive free­dom

People sup­port what they cre­ate’. So Develop every indi­vidu­al in your busi­ness to have the frame of mind that ensures they are ready, will­ing and able to claim own­er­ship and take account­ab­il­ity. Build on that mind­set and give them the tools and struc­tures that will sup­port them to innov­ate and cre­ate.

Establish Big Relationship Facilitators

Transform your busi­ness by estab­lish­ing intern­al Big Relationships facil­it­at­ors who can deliv­er team work­shops, train people in core con­cepts and facil­it­ate all the little (and big) things that will make your rela­tion­ships garden grow.

Elizabeth and her team offer the fol­low­ing bespoke products and ser­vices that enable you to achieve all of this. They are insight­ful, prac­tical and rooted in real life, deliv­er­ing tan­gible res­ults, help­ing indi­vidu­als, teams and organ­isa­tions build Resilience and have Big Relationships where you can:

UniteLeadCreateTransform & Shine