Do you want to feel alive, be at the edge and fly?

People sup­port what they cre­ate.’ People long to be able to take account­ab­il­ity and have cre­at­ive free­dom to innov­ate.  The cre­at­ive force is alive in us all — it’s a fun­da­ment­al human impulse and attrib­ute, we are at our hap­pi­est when we are cre­at­ing.

Creativity is also what helps busi­nesses to excel, flour­ish and pro­gress. It keeps us at the lead­ing edge. For glob­al CEOs, cre­ativ­ity is now the most import­ant lead­er­ship qual­ity for suc­cess in busi­ness, accord­ing to a recent innov­a­tion sur­vey* it’s fun­da­ment­al to busi­ness and a highly val­ued skill. Unlocking your innate resi­li­ence is the key.

*Source PWC 14th Annual Global CEO Survey 2011

Creativity is intel­li­gence hav­ing fun.” — 
Albert Einstein

Elizabeth works with Claire Bridges Founder of NowGoCreate (the creative’s cre­at­ive) to help you under­stand and apply the secrets and essen­tial prac­tices for cre­at­ive geni­us.

Results you can expect to achieve

Working with Elizabeth and Claire, you can:

  • feel inspired to cre­ate from a blank can­vas
  • learn cut­ting-edge cre­at­ive meth­ods
  • facil­it­ate oth­ers to think out­side the box
  • present ideas with pas­sion, pres­ence and power
  • dis­cov­er how to spark a cre­ativ­ity revolu­tion

Services offered:

  • gun for hire: we can facil­it­ate your cre­ativ­ity ses­sions (or coach you to)
  • how to be a cre­at­ive ninja: work­shop to learn the skills and secrets of cre­at­ive brain­storm­ing
  • bril­liant brain­storm facil­it­a­tion: work­shop learn how to facil­it­ate cre­at­ive geni­us in oth­ers
  • cre­at­ive order con­sultancy: advice on how to spark a cre­at­ive revolu­tion in your organ­isa­tion
  • what’s your story?: present­a­tion and pitch train­ing

Next step

Contact Elizabeth to start the pro­cess.

If you’re inter­ested in how you or your organ­isa­tion can improve cre­ativ­ity to drive res­ults, the first step is an assess­ment of your essen­tial chal­lenges and desired out­comes. Elizabeth offers this free of charge.