As an organisation do you want to unleash your potential? Unite, lead, create, shine,

To truly real­ise your Big busi­ness ambi­tion, you will need to foster Big Relationships at all levels in your organ­isa­tion. A resi­li­ent cul­ture.

In a study of cor­por­ate cul­ture and per­form­ance, organ­isa­tions that paid delib­er­ate atten­tion to lead­ing the cul­ture had a ten-fold growth in all key busi­ness meas­ures over those that didn’t. Source: Kotter & Heskett (1992) Corporate cul­ture and per­form­ance. New York The free press.

When your organ­isa­tion is united around a shared pur­pose, vis­ion and val­ues. When your leaders foster an appre­ci­at­ive cul­ture. When your cul­ture facil­it­ates cre­ativity and enables people to be resi­li­ent, take account­ab­il­ity and shine. You suc­ceed. In fact, you can’t fail.

Let go of the past and go for the future. Go con­fid­ently in the dir­ec­tion of your dreams. Live the life you ima­gined.” — Henry David Thoreau

To help any busi­ness mas­ter and suc­ceed in Big Relationships, it is usu­ally neces­sary to have train­ing, sup­port and guid­ance. The role of the Big Relationships Facilitator (BRF) is to make the pro­cess of estab­lish­ing Unity, Appreciation and Accountability in a busi­ness super easy and to make it stick. They are the garden­ers help­ing to till the busi­ness soil and sow the ‘rela­tion­ship’ seeds, ensur­ing you can reap the ‘res­ults’ crop.

Results you can expect to achieve

Working with Elizabeth and her expert team you can:

  • encour­age heart and soul unity and align­ment with­in your busi­ness
  • estab­lish a true cul­ture of appre­ci­ation mov­ing from ‘Me’ to ‘We’
  • increase the levels of own­er­ship and account­ab­il­ity at every level
  • devel­op expert in-house Big Relationships facil­it­at­ors
  • cre­ate a resi­li­ent cul­ture and achieve your busi­ness res­ults

Services offered:

  • Engage: bespoke pro­grammes to uni­fy all your people with a shared pur­pose, vis­ion & val­ues and how to live them day to day
  • Encourage: Consultancy to devel­op approaches that attract, devel­op, reward and retain people con­sist­ent with an Appreciative Culture
  • Accountable: Organisation-wide train­ing to embed the prin­ciples of own­er­ship and account­ab­il­ity
  • Resolve: Develop a bespoke approach for giv­ing feed­back and address­ing any rela­tion­ship issues, mis­takes and prob­lems (for both indi­vidu­als and teams)
  • Structure: Consultancy on organ­isa­tion­al struc­tures to allow cre­at­ive flow and remove blocks
  • Grow your own BRFs: a pro­gramme of train­ing, coach­ing and ment­or­ing to cre­ate your very own in-house expert­ise in Big Relationships.

Next step

Contact Elizabeth to start the pro­cess.

If you’re inter­ested in how Elizabeth and her team could help trans­form your busi­ness, the first step is an assess­ment of your essen­tial chal­lenges and desired out­comes. Elizabeth offers this free of charge.