As an organisation do you want to unleash your potential? Unite, lead, create, shine,

To truly realise your Big business ambition, you will need to foster Big Relationships at all levels in your organisation. A resilient culture.

In a study of corporate culture and performance, organisations that paid deliberate attention to leading the culture had a ten-fold growth in all key business measures over those that didn’t. Source: Kotter & Heskett (1992) Corporate culture and performance. New York The free press.

When your organisation is united around a shared purpose, vision and values. When your leaders foster an appreciative culture. When your culture facilitates creativity and enables people to be resilient, take accountability and shine. You succeed. In fact, you can’t fail.

“Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

To help any business master and succeed in Big Relationships, it is usually necessary to have training, support and guidance. The role of the Big Relationships Facilitator (BRF) is to make the process of establishing Unity, Appreciation and Accountability in a business super easy and to make it stick. They are the gardeners helping to till the business soil and sow the ‘relationship’ seeds, ensuring you can reap the ‘results’ crop.

Results you can expect to achieve

Working with Elizabeth and her expert team you can:

  • encourage heart and soul unity and alignment within your business
  • establish a true culture of appreciation moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’
  • increase the levels of ownership and accountability at every level
  • develop expert in-house Big Relationships facilitators
  • create a resilient culture and achieve your business results

Services offered:

  • Engage: bespoke programmes to unify all your people with a shared purpose, vision & values and how to live them day to day
  • Encourage: Consultancy to develop approaches that attract, develop, reward and retain people consistent with an Appreciative Culture
  • Accountable: Organisation-wide training to embed the principles of ownership and accountability
  • Resolve: Develop a bespoke approach for giving feedback and addressing any relationship issues, mistakes and problems (for both individuals and teams)
  • Structure: Consultancy on organisational structures to allow creative flow and remove blocks
  • Grow your own BRFs: a programme of training, coaching and mentoring to create your very own in-house expertise in Big Relationships.

Next step

Contact Elizabeth to start the process.

If you’re interested in how Elizabeth and her team could help transform your business, the first step is an assessment of your essential challenges and desired outcomes. Elizabeth offers this free of charge.