Are fractured relationships getting in the way of business results?

In business, big relationships are essential to getting big results. Perhaps there’s a bold ambitious opportunity you’re reaching for? Is mistrust, in-fighting or dissent getting in the way? The bolder your ambition, the bigger the relationships you need to make it happen. The more you need a resilient team.

Big relationships are about creating a culture of ‘We’ versus the cult of ‘Me’ and it makes great business sense. It saves a lot of time, money and effort that can be wasted on addressing behaviours that are largely driven by insecurity and fear.

Survival of the fittest? Darwin said it is the most adaptable that survive.

A resilient culture is one that can respond to change. Adaptable people are not rigid and fear-driven, they are open and operate in the moment. They build respect, trust and appreciation for who people are and what they bring.  They cheer people on, recognise and help people play to their strengths, and when things go wrong, have empathy versus blame. Elizabeth creates transformational team events that achieve extraordinary breakthroughs in collaboration, commitment and unity. Be a resilient team.

“If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.” – Winston Churchill

Results you can expect to achieve

Working with Elizabeth, your team can:

  • face the issues and leave the past behind
  • discover the optimum frame of mind to make and maintain high quality relationships
  • evaluate and play to your strengths
  • create a unifying vision and purpose for the future
  • align and unite to become an unstoppable force

Services offered:

  • where are we now?: bespoke Big Relationships assessment for teams and organisations
  • fresh mind, clean slate: foundational transformational events for teams
  • one team one dream: unique, unifying and bonding experiential events for teams
  • big why, big what, big how: purpose, vision and values workshops
  • review, refresh, refocus: team progress check events
  • what makes us tick?: Insights Discovery psychometric profiling, with one-to-one coaching and team events
  • from ‘me to we’: training to embody the core resilient relationship skills of an appreciative culture: listening, empathy and appreciation

Next step

Contact Elizabeth to start the process.

If you’re interested in how Elizabeth could help unite your people, the first step is an assessment of your essential challenges and desired outcomes. Elizabeth offers this free of charge.