Portrait of Elizabeth Lovius

October 26, 2011
by Elizabeth

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lovius is Leadership Wellbeing Coach and Social Entrepreneur spe­cial­ising in help­ing people access fresh insight, have big rela­tion­ships and lead real change for good. She is an inter­na­tion­al speak­er, author and award win­ning facil­it­at­or who brings over 25 years expert­ise of hav­ing worked with over 10,000 people. She has exper­i­ence in a vari­ety of busi­ness sec­tors includ­ing: Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Banking, Government, Healthcare, Creative Media, Social Enterprise, Start-up and Sports.

Clients include: Bighams, CookFood, Corbin & King, Harrods, Hewlett Packard, IBM, itsu, ITV, Ogilvy & Mather, Pret a Manger, the English Rugby Football Union, the UK Civil Service and WPP group. See Elizabeth’s Client list.

Elizabeth’s evid­ence based mes­sage is you already have everything you need to suc­ceed (but maybe you don’t yet real­ise it). Elizabeth works primar­ily at the Executive Board level and deliv­ers pro­jects that help indi­vidu­al lead­ers, teams and organ­isa­tions have the well­being and big rela­tion­ships needed to deliv­er sus­tain­able res­ults.

Elizabeth has always been inter­ested in mak­ing things work bet­ter. In her early career at IBM, with a back­ground in train­ing, qual­ity man­age­ment and pro­cess improve­ment she went on a jour­ney to dis­cov­er what makes people per­form at their peak. Trained by IBM in the 90’s as a trans­form­a­tion­al change facil­it­at­or, she developed and led a team of 200 intern­al change agents to help IBM com­pete when Apple came on the scene.

With a capa­city to see ahead of the curve, Elizabeth has been ment­ored by some of the world’s pion­eers in the human poten­tial move­ment. In the early 90s, at a time when coach­ing prac­tice was still emer­ging, she was appren­tice to two ‘found­ing fath­er’ coaches and authors: ori­gin­al Inner Game sports coach and co-invent­or of the GROW mod­el Alan Fine and inter­na­tion­ally renowned trans­form­at­ive super­coach Michael Neil. She is a cer­ti­fied prac­ti­tion­er of the paradigm shift­ing work of Sydney Banks 3 prin­ciples of human exper­i­ence. Elizabeth also works with Peter Koenig’s cut­ting edge organ­isa­tion­al design concept Source Principles and the innov­at­ive Charles Davies’ Fundamentals of Creative Work.

Elizabeth helps lead­ers devel­op cre­at­ive and prac­tic­al solu­tions to real life lead­er­ship situ­ations. She offers clar­ity of think­ing, open­ness and insight. Through an empower­ing mix of com­pas­sion and chal­lenge, Elizabeth sup­ports people to access their own wis­dom, well­being and resi­li­ence; lib­er­at­ing peace, pres­ence and per­form­ance. In busi­ness, Elizabeth knows rela­tion­ships are the source of res­ults — so her area of spe­ci­al­ity is help­ing people have big rela­tion­ships and under­stand how we can work well togeth­er to get things done.

Words her cli­ents often use to describe her include: inspir­ing, cre­at­ive, empower­ing, chal­len­ging, smart, warm, insight­ful, fear­less, com­pas­sion­ate, genu­ine, delight­ful, real and unique.

Elizabeth is Founder of Kindred Spirit Consultancy Ltd. She also is the Creative Leadership Coach for the UK’s fore­most Creativity train­ing con­sultancy Now Go Create. Elizabeth also offers Open and Bespoke Leadership pro­grammes

As a Social Entrepreneur, Elizabeth’s mis­sion is to con­trib­ute to a glob­al shift in well­being, one human being at a time. She is Co-Founder of two Social Enterprises.

The Real Change Portal - show­cas­ing a body of work that is lead­ing a glob­al shift in well­being. We share stor­ies and stat­ist­ics of real change that illu­min­ate the source of our human exper­i­ence and answer the ques­tion: What exactly is it that gen­er­ates real change?

The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective - a multi-dis­cip­lined net­work of exper­i­enced, tal­en­ted and pas­sion­ate people who lead real change on the ground by deliv­er­ing game-chan­ging, evid­ence based ser­vices. We enable social pro­jects of real change that res­ult in a trans­form­at­ive shift in well­being — espe­cially for vul­ner­able young people.

Elizabeth believes in the triple bot­tom line of bal­an­cing people, plan­et and profit.  So many of the prob­lems we exper­i­ence today in busi­ness can be tracked back to unsus­tain­able busi­ness mod­els. Kindred Spirit becom­ing one of the UK’s first 100 Bcorp’s is a major mile­stone and cause for cel­eb­ra­tion. BCorp’s mis­sion is busi­ness as a force for good.  We believe if busi­ness was the prob­lem to many of the world’s ills, then busi­ness is also the solu­tion.

When lead­ers think and feel well, they do well. And lead well. And lead­ers lead organ­isa­tions, and organ­isa­tions for good can change the world.

Elizabeth lives in a white-washed vil­lage by the sea in Southern Spain with her hus­band and two teen­age boys. She is for­tu­nate enough to spend a week or two each month with cli­ents in Europe and USA and then at home with her fam­ily in Spain where she enjoys an eclect­ic mix of artist­ic friends, read­ing, cook­ing, watch­ing sun­sets and being a soc­cer mum. She is author of Facilitating Genius — a work­book and is cur­rently writ­ing her second book: Why love belongs in busi­ness. She con­trib­uted as Creative Coach to the ground­break­ing book: In your cre­at­ive ele­ment by Claire Bridges.

Where Elizabeth Lovius lives in Southern Spain

Client Organisations:

Elizabeth has enjoyed work­ing with:

  • The Big Issue Invest
  • The Body Shop
  • Charlie Bighams
  • Corney & Barrow Wine bars
  • Cook Food
  • Disney
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • English Teddy Bear Company
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Harrods
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM UK & USA
  • itsu
  • ITV UK & USA
  • Kahoot!
  • Levis
  • Lombard Motor Finance UK
  • Metafour
  • NorthgateArinso
  • Oikocredit
  • Prêt a Manger UK & USA
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Rugby Football Union
  • UK Senior Civil Service
  • Sony
  • Vertex
  • White Stuff
  • The Woolwich Building Society
  • Xbox
  • Xerox
  • Yahoo

In the media and cre­at­ive sec­tors she has also enjoyed work­ing with the lead­ers of:

  • Acrylicise
  • Chandler Chicco Agency
  • Clark Communications
  • Cohn & Wolfe
  • GCI
  • Kazoo PR
  • Hanover Communications
  • Hill & Knowlton
  • Hotwire PR
  • Nelson Bostock & Fever
  • NowGoCreate
  • Ogilvy & Mather Europe
  • Punchdrunk
  • Text 100 International
  • Unity
  • Virgo Health PR
  • We are Human
  • White Label
  • 3 Monkeys Communications

Career Overview

2017 – present

Social Enterprise: The Wisdom and Wellbeing Collective

Wisdom and Wellbeing for the world. We enable social pro­jects of real change that res­ult in a trans­form­at­ive shift in well­being — espe­cially for vul­ner­able young people.

  • Co-Founder & Managing Director

2016 – present

Social Enterprise: The Real Change Portal

We share stor­ies and stat­ist­ics of real change and demon­strate that the agent of change is an insight­ful shift in mind. We also point you to resources where you can learn more about that.

  • Co-Founder & Managing Director

1999 – present

Kindred Spirit Consultancy Ltd (also was known as Indigo Spirit) — Creative Leadership and Cultural Transformation

  • Founder
  • Agent of change, lead coach, con­sult­ant and train­er
1999–1999 Quantum 5 — Performance coach­ing (with Mike Neill)
  • Senior coach
1993–1999 Lovius & Associates
  • Founder
  • Lead coach and train­er
1992–1993 Inside Out — Performance Coaching (with Alan Fine)
  • Lead con­sult­ant and train­er on Inner Game coach­ing pro­grammes
1989–1992 IBM UK
  • Regional Administration train­er
  • Total Quality Management Trainer
  • Breakthrough Facilitator and Coach
1982–1988 IBM Australia
  • Call centre Administrator
  • Account Administrator
  • Account Administrator train­er
  • Business pro­cess improve­ment

Qualification and Training

1993 Inner Game Coaching accred­it­a­tion with Alan Fine
1999 NLP Coaches train­ing led by Mike Neill
2004 Newfield Network Mastery in Coaching Programme gradu­ate
2007 Insights Discovery psy­cho­met­ric accred­it­a­tion
2010-12 NLP Master Practitioner cer­ti­fic­a­tion
2013+ 3 Principles Practioner Development


Clients' Testimonials

What people say about work­ing with Elizabeth:

View more videos from the What people say about work­ing with Elizabeth col­lec­tion.

You are magic­al.”

Amanda Goldsmith

Operations Director, Acrylicise

I really loved and benefited from everything you said and taught us. I know this will stick with me mov­ing for­wards…”

Emily Finn

Studio Director, Acrylicise

Insightful and eman­cip­at­ing.”

Jeremy King

Co-Founder of Corbin & King Restaurants and Hotels includ­ing The Wolseley and The Beaumont

Elizabeth is abso­lutely fant­ast­ic.”

Jackie Lynton

Social Activist and orches­trat­or of NHS Change Day

Our team event turned out bet­ter than I could ever have hoped and she has giv­en us all a great boost in con­fid­ence. She is a geni­us.”

Tom Allchurch

Charlie Bighams, Managing Director

In her bril­liant, unique style, Elizabeth promp­ted our Exec on set­ting the dir­ec­tion for the Nations pride and joy. This was a game chan­ging moment that firmly bon­ded our team around one, clear core pur­pose.”

Stephen Brown

English Rugby Football Union, CFO

Elizabeth makes a huge impact, offers great value and works magic. Impressive — I couldn’t ask for more.”

Shari Roberts

Text100 PR Senior Vice President Global Human Resources   

Very Impressive, very gif­ted, bril­liant — a big impact on our busi­ness”

Aedhmar Hynes

CEO, Text100 PR Global    

Elizabeth is amaz­ing at what she does. She is incred­ibly insight­ful and got me from the get go. She inspires me and provides me with strategies to not only be the best lead­er I can be, but a bet­ter human being too. THANK YOU!”

Anne Costello

Regional Director, Text100 Asia

Working with Elizabeth has been a game changer for our busi­ness. It was extraordin­ary. I was touched, amazed and in awe to dis­cov­er how people are truly inspired by hav­ing Big Relationships. Words are inad­equate to express my sin­cere and heart­felt thanks.”

Rosie Brown

People Director, Cook Food

Elizabeth is quite simply the most effect­ive, insight­ful and inspir­ing Executive Developer I have worked with.”

Julia Dell

HR Director, Rugby Football Union

Elizabeth has brought out the best in my team. It nev­er ceases to amaze me how she has the uncanny knack of under­stand­ing where to focus her energy to get amaz­ing res­ults.”

Martin Bates

President, Pret a Manger USA

We’re a fast mov­ing busi­ness and rely on cre­at­ive ideas to keep our com­pet­it­ive edge. The cre­ativ­ity work­shop with Claire was the best course I’ve ever atten­ded. We got so much great inform­a­tion and as a team we have now adop­ted many of the tech­niques into our cre­at­ive arsen­al.”

Eleanor Conroy

Public Relations Director Europe, InterContinental Hotels Group

A very big thank you to Elizabeth. Over the course of my career she has been a major force in help­ing me to shape and build my lead­er­ship role and has also provided me per­son­ally with incred­ible wis­dom and coun­sel at key moments.”

Susannah Davidson

Associate Director, Digital Cohn & Wolfe

Since our work­shop, which we con­sider a land­mark in our devel­op­ment as a busi­ness, the Board works as a more cohes­ive, aligned team. We are more hon­est with each oth­er and are def­in­itely mak­ing pro­gress towards our vis­ion.”

Katie Kemp

Managing Director, Text 100 UK

Elizabeth helped us trans­form our IT depart­ment of 40 to work togeth­er more effect­ively & cre­ate a sus­tain­able team. We made organ­isa­tion­al changes and work bet­ter togeth­er with each oth­er, our busi­ness part­ners and our cli­ents.”

Tim Goldstone

IT Director, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

Elizabeth’s work with devel­op­ing our lead­ers has filtered right down through the busi­ness. She under­stands what makes people tick, coupled with a com­mer­cial acu­men. What’s so valu­able is her abil­ity to stay real and prac­tic­al. She is unique.”

Paula Grant

HR Director, Cohn & Wolfe Public Relations (a WPP brand)

Elizabeth’s impres­sion on my life has las­ted to this day, and I expect it will last for a long time to come. I had an epi­phany – it made me face things I hadn’t looked at in years. This has kept me look­ing ahead.”

Patrice Andrews

Executive Vice President, ITV Studios Inc.

A huge impact – there’s before and after Elizabeth. She saw my true poten­tial that oth­ers hadn’t seen. She helped me per­form at a high­er level to become a new per­son. She is chal­len­ging, enga­ging and insight­ful.”

David Folliasson

Head of Training, Pret a Manger USA

The work with us on our present­a­tion skills and board devel­op­ment has made a strong impact on every indi­vidu­al, due to the high focus on giv­ing dir­ect feed­back but with­in a sup­port­ive envir­on­ment. Spirited and inspir­a­tion­al.”

Victoria Hodge

Culture and Communications Director, White Stuff’

What Elizabeth does always feels fresh, she is inspir­ing & enga­ging. Our cre­at­ive team day has changed the way we work. She’s the best we’ve had.’

Alex Gardiner

Creative Director ITV Studios

Every per­son we’ve put through the seni­or lead­er­ship pro­gramme says it leaves a last­ing impres­sion. Elizabeth’s a fant­ast­ic coach ─ inspir­ing and ener­gising.”

Ian Watson

Head of Pret Academy, Pret a Manger UK

Elizabeth turned my cyn­icism around. My team now feels very empowered and the res­ults are clear. Elizabeth is very intu­it­ive, know­ledge­able and genu­ine.”

Catherine Houlihan

Head of News Norwich, ITV plc

Elizabeth has been instru­ment­al in devel­op­ing our lead­ers and help­ing us trans­form our devel­op­ment offer­ing. She is enga­ging, insight­ful and delight­ful to work with. She’s great in every way.”

Andrea Wareham

Global Director of People, Pret a Manger

There is magic in what Elizabeth does which lan­guage can­not do justice. I have seen a trans­form­a­tion with our team.”

Remy Blumenfeld

Director of Formats, ITV Studios

Elizabeth is unfazed by chal­lenges. She helped our lead­er­ship team work much more closely and with more focus and cohe­sion. I would recom­mend her to any­one.”

Anna Parfitt

HR Director, Virgo Health Ltd

“Elizabeth inspires and enables us to be the best we pos­sibly can be.”

Jessica Newsome
Joint MD, Kazoo Public Relations
“I wouldn’t trust any­one else to do what she does. Elizabeth is the best.”
Bruce Robertson
HR Director, ITV Studios
“I knew she was good, but she’s more than good. She is truly an amaz­ing tal­ent.”
Julian Metcalfe
Founder, Pret a Manger & itsu